Winter/Spring 2015 issue of Divorce Magazine

The Winter/Spring 2015 issue of Divorce Magzine has just come out.

You can download your local Winter/Spring 2015 issue here:

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Among the many topics, this issue of Divorce Magazine examines:

– The need to take back control of life by doing the next right thing
– How to choose the right divorce process for you
– Some dos and don’ts for divorcing parents
– The options for creating positive cash flow

Universal Foldable Keyboard is Here – Is your Website Mobile Friendly?

This latest release of universal foldable keyboard by Microsoft that is compatible for apple and android products should tell you what is to come: More people are going online while they are on the go.

Are your prospective clients on the go?

This universal foldable keyboard makes it possible and much easier to do serious work, not just play, on mobile devices. It sure beats typing on the screen. This has major implications for businesses, especially business travelers. If your prospective clients are on the go all the time, you now have even more reasons to make sure your firm’s website is mobile friendly.

AICPA AAML Conference

AICPA AAML Conference on Divorce: DMG boosts attendance of by 38%

Divorce Marketing Group was hired by the 2014 AICPA AAML Conference on Divorce to increase the participants, especially by family lawyers, which took place in April 2014 in Las Vegas. We are happy to report that we did exactly that — we increased attendance at the AICPA AAML Conference on Divorce by 38%!

We interviewed Carole Gailor, the AAML (American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers) Chair of the conference and we did several interviews and podcasts with keynote speakers of the conference and posted them on itunes, podbean and www.FamilyLawyerMagazine.

The Latest Divorce Magazine Issue is now online

Latest divorce magazine issue – Spring 2014 issue of Divorce Magazine is online for free download:

This issue feature articles on:

– Breaking Free from Guilt
– Child Support Overview
– Glossary of Divorce terms
– Saving on Legal Fees
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