Testimonials from Divorce Marketing Group Clients 

Some of our clients have been with us for more than 20 years, and they rave about our advice, products, and service level. You can read their written testimonials below and watch video testimonials from other clients here.

Family Lawyers & Mediators

Richard Wexell, Top-Rated Virginia Divorce Lawyer
Wexell Milman

“Martha, Whatever you have done is working. Dan has been trying to reach me. I have not been avoiding him. But we got busy with new work THANKS TO YOU, and that’s why I have not yet responded to Dan. We will re-up with DMG for 2021 because I really like the personal attention you provide. I have always felt that you take a personal interest in the success of your clients, and you are responsive to our questions and concerns.”
Fairfax Family Law Firm Wexell Milman
Texas lawyers, Woodburn and Watkins

Josh Woodburn, Family Lawyer
Woodburn & Watkins, LLP

“I am very grateful and satisfied with the redesign of the website and believe that the newsletter has gone off without a hitch. Thank you for your help. It was a pleasure working with you.”

Dheanna A. Pappas-Fikaris
Divorce & Family Lawyer Fikaris & Associates, Ltd.

Divorce Marketing Group is a first-rate company and has been invaluable in creating an informative and up to date website for me. Dan and Martha and the entire staff respond to questions immediately – ready to make suggestions that have proven to make a real difference with my site and have made it something that I am proud of. Being a solo practitioner leaves me little time and Divorce Marketing Group helps every step of the way, from content to podcasts and more. Having been with another company I know the difference between a company that just wants your money and one that cares about delivering a great product. I highly recommend Divorce Marketing Group – whether a solo practitioner or a large law firm – this company is the only one I would recommend.
Dheanna Fikaris Website
Chicago Law Firm

Laurel Black Rector, Family Lawyer
Law Office of Laurel Black Rector

“I am very pleased with the services I received from the Divorce Marketing Group. I had never been given the opportunity to play such a large role in the creation of my new website and I was grateful for the assistance and guidance. My website looks great and reflects my personality as well as the services that I provide. I would highly recommend the Divorce Marketing Group.”

Robert E. Stevens, Family Lawyer
Clark & Stevens, P.A.

“We have been extremely pleased with the responsiveness and creativity of the Divorce Marketing group. It is quickly apparent that working with a firm devoted to working with and promoting Family Law practices has its advantages. This is a company that understands the unique needs of the Family Law attorney and the marketing sensitivity required to advertise to those going through such an emotionally difficult period in their lives. Highly recommended!”


Joy Feinberg website DMG testimonial

Joy Feinberg, Founding Partner Feinberg Sharma, P.C.

“I cannot give a greater endorsement of any business than Divorce Marketing Group. They will help you grow your business into the future before you even know what the future is. They are client-focused marketing professionals whom you can count on.“

Randall M. Kessler, Founding Partner Kessler & Solomiany, LLC

“The exposure we and our peers get through DivorceMag.com, Divorce Magazine, Family Lawyer Magazine, etc. has been tremendous.”
testimonial Randall Kessler

Patricia Carter, Family Lawyer
Carter Morris, LLP

“Carter Morris has been using the marketing services of Divorce Marketing Group for many years. Their marketing products and services are 100% focused on the subject of divorce and their intimate knowledge of the subject is evident in the monthly e-newsletter and nine unique divorce guides they make available to our firm. Divorce Marketing Group promotes our firm through their Texas Divorce Magazine (digital edition), DivorceMagazine.com, and FamilyLawyerMagazine.com, in addition to providing guidance and direction on the latest marketing strategies to ensure our firm remains relevant and competitively positioned in the family lawyer arena.”


Nissa M. Ricafort, Attorney
Broyles Kight & Ricafort, P.C.

“I just wanted to tell you that the website looks really nice and I appreciate all of your hard work on it and your patience with me and Melanie!”

Melanie K. Reichert, Attorney
Broyles Kight & Ricafort, P.C

“I second that. You’ve been extremely patient, responsive and knowledgeable—all things that are a big plus for two type-A attorneys with zero marketing savvy.”


Jay Frank, Senior Attorney Aronberg, Goldgehn, Davis & Garisma

“Our firm, Aronberg, Goldgehn, Davis & Garisma, has worked with Dan Couvrette and DMG for the past 12 years or so. Dan, Martha, and their staff have provided invaluable input regarding the way in which we market our practice, deal with current clients, stay in touch with former clients, and practice tips from a business and economic point of view. The information and guidance have been terrific. Our practice has flourished and our bottom line has never been better.”


Jay Frank

Roberta Batley, Family Lawyer

“From beginning to end, Divorce Marketing Group took care of us. DMG planned the video shots, suggested relevant topics, helped with location choices, and even advised how to dress. We really appreciated the interactive work on the text for the introduction to our firm and the FAQs by editing our copy and making it more understandable to the public… We especially noticed the attention to detail we received to ensure you were presenting our firm in the most professional manner possible. We have received many compliments on the videos and have been told how much they enhance our website.” Read the entire letter for this client here.

James J. Nolletti
Founding Partner Nolletti Law Group PLLC

“We maintain a culture of excellence at my law firm and expect the best from those with whom we work.  Divorce Marketing Group has delivered!  They’ve provided us with a great website, videos, podcasts and resources that distinguishes my firm and keeps us on the radar screen of potential clients and referral sources. They’ve always been there when we needed them.”

Financial Professionals

Timothy Voit, QDROs Expert, AACQ
Voit Econometrics Group, Inc.

Divorce Marketing Group did an unexpected but amazing job on our advertisement for Family Lawyer Magazine. What they did was remarkable, and translates into hundreds of hits on our website for information rather than a spattering of a few dozens had they printed the advertisement we gave them. Divorce Marketing made a world of difference in our marketing efforts.


Carol Altschuler, Vice-PresidentPension Analysis Consultants, Inc.

I highly recommend this knowledgeable, savvy, dedicated company, Divorce Marketing Group, for your marketing consideration to family attorneys or clients in matrimonial dissolution matters.


Pension Analysis Consultants, Inc.

A Testimonial From Our Client’s Prospective Client

Read how the text we wrote for a website we built for one of our family law clients helped turn their prospect into a client:

“Thank you for sending me the link to your Firm’s website. It is very reassuring to read of your accomplishments and affiliations, but in reading through the Family Law page, I really appreciated the Firm’s policy on actually focusing on reducing emotional stress and financial burden. I am terrified, to be honest, because it is a major change. But I have a great deal more confidence in my selection of representation. Thanks again and I will see you next Friday at 11.”

– M. from California

A Testimonial From A Non-Client

Read how a family lawyer said they would recommend us even though their firm did not hire us:

“I heard back from the partners and they have chosen not to work with Divorce Marketing Group. They have decided that they do not want to spend money on redesigning the website, and they are insistent that our firm does not need a blog or any type of consistent updating. Please know that I completely agree with all of the information and research that you shared with me. I am a big believer in harnessing the power of the internet and using that power to our advantage, and I hope that my colleagues will one day come to share that view. I appreciate all of the time that you spent with me.

I would highly recommend Divorce Marketing Group to attorneys who are ready to embrace social media, blogging, and the new legal economy.”

– Family Law Attorney

Lawyers Rave about Family Lawyer Magazine

Steve Kolodny
Managing Partner, Kolodny Law Group

Clients Testimonials Steve Kolodny

Lawyers Rave about Divorce Magazine

Jay Frank, Partner at Aronberg Goldgehn

“I have been involved with Divorce Magazine for a number of years and find it to be a great resource. This one-of-a-kind publication is an authority on family law and enhances my stature. I receive inquiries from readers and have gained new clients as a result. On every level, it’s a winner.”

Bernie Rinella, Managing Partner, Rinella and Rinella, Ltd.

“Dan, your Family Lawyer Magazine gets better with every edition. You and Martha have really done an incredible job of creating a business from 0. Continued success!”

Cathy M. Cardozo, Esquire, Law Offices of Catherine M. Cardozo, LLC

“I want to tell you the Family Lawyer Magazine (hard copy) is the absolutely best magazine for me, ever!!! I’ve gotten more helpful advice from that magazine than from the last 10 seminars I’ve attended!! Thank you so much.”

A. Momjian

“I was happy to get the premier issue of your Family Lawyer Magazine. It is a good magazine for family law attorneys and I am quite sure that all family law lawyers would be happy to get the magazine.”

Rae Jean Shore

“I am a family law attorney practicing in San Luis Obispo County, California. I recently read your company’s magazine, Family Lawyer Magazine, cover to cover and thoroughly enjoyed it. The articles were relevant and interesting.”

Barbara Peyton

“I love your magazine, keep them coming. It’s great content for any Family Lawyer!”

Grier Raggio

“Dan, I just read two articles from your current issue and was impressed by “How You Deal With Stress” and “Reason or Emotion?” which should help fill serious gaps in many people’s tool box.”

Mark A. Chinn, Attorney At LawChinn & Associates, PC

”Your Family Lawyer Magazine this month was a grandslam!! (That’s American for a great success.) ‘Way to go.”