About Family Lawyer Magazine

Family Lawyer Magazine has the largest circulation of any publication in the United States dedicated to helping family lawyers realize their full professional potential. Our editorial content is educational, entertaining, thought-provoking, inspiring, and highly relevant to both seasoned as well as new family lawyers who aspire to excel in their field. This magazine helps family lawyers:

  • grow their practice and attract the “right” clients
  • enhance their success in and out of the courtroom
  • better serve their clients by implementing “client-centric” practices
  • discover useful resources to overcome challenges they face in their practice
  • stay up-to-date on leading issues in the family law field
  • increase their career satisfaction and work/life balance

Published twice a year, every Family Lawyer Magazine issue features a wide range of subjects – including legal, financial, technology, marketing, practice management, and health and well-being articles – geared towards busy family law professionals. Most issues also offer significant or precedent-setting case reviews of interest to all family law and divorce lawyers. This high-quality publication offers articles written by practising family lawyers, financial divorce professionals, practice management and marketing consultants, and experts in the health and wellness fields. Family Lawyer Magazine is designed to help divorce lawyers and other professionals serving the divorce market achieve professional and personal excellence.

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You can download current as well as past issues of the magazine at www.FamilyLawyerMagazine.com. This website also offers interviews and podcasts with judges, family lawyers, and financial experts.

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