Newsletters Keep Your Firm Top-of-Mind with People Who Can Refer Business to You

Sending a monthly eNewsletter is one of the best ways to generate referrals from – and stay top-of-mind with – potential and current clients, other divorce professionals, colleagues, and your personal contacts. However, most family lawyers have neither the time to write one or more articles a month nor the staff to produce a quality newsletter on an ongoing basis, so we do it for you. Here’s how the Divorce Magazine eNewsletter works:

Monthly Divorce eNewsletter Sample

Send Out a Quality Divorce Enewsletter With Minimal Effort

  1. Divorce Marketing Group makes it easy for you to send out a monthly eNewsletter by providing you with five helpful divorce-related articles each month.
  2. We can custom-design your eNewsletter, add your firm’s announcements to it, and send it out for you.

Click here to see an example of a client’s newsletter.

Add the Newsletter to Your Website as a Resource

You can add the Divorce eNewsletter to your website every month. This will ensure that your site always has new divorce-related information, making it a better resource for potential clients, current clients, and your referral sources.

Sample Standard eNewsletter

Sample Standard eNewsletter

Sample Customized eNewsletter

The Divorce Magazine eNewsletter will keep your firm top-of-mind with your referral sources – without taking precious time away from your practice.

Contact us for more information about how one or more of these options could work for you.