Family Lawyers who recognize the importance of social media marketing – and learn how to use it effectively – have a huge advantage over their peers who fear or disdain it.

Google values social media sites and its searches often deliver the social media pages of divorce professionals before their company websites when someone searches for them by name. If you have an incomplete profile, or an unprofessional-looking profile, or no social media profile at all, it’s time to start paying attention to your social media presence.

Social Media Company Page Designs and Posts

A. Make the design of your social media page echo the design of your website

Website –

Indiana Family Law FIrm

Facebook Page –

B. Have different kinds of posts

Inspirational quotes

social media inspirational quotes

Client testimonials

social media client testimonials

Seasons Greetings

social media seasonal greetings

Seasonal events

social media seasonal events

We realize you have limited time to engage in social media marketing – that’s why we only recommend focusing on the select social media websites that work best for professionals.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn Personal and Firm Profiles

We strongly recommend that you have a professional presence on LinkedIn because it is the social network for professionals. We can create a well-written and complete profile for yourself and your firm. Aside from detailing your experience, employment history, and education, a complete personal profile can showcase videos, podcasts, and books or articles you have published, and can also provide links to your website and blog. A complete firm profile will tell visitors the size of your firm, what you do, and the talents and expertise your team has to offer. We’ll recommend LinkedIn groups you should join so you can post and interact with the right professionals, and we’ll give you a half-hour tutorial on how to update your profiles, post, and comment. And if you decide to be really active on LinkedIn, you can start your own group and establish yourself as the authority in your area of expertise as well as create deeper relationships with members in your group who could refer business to you. All this will help convert prospective clients into actual clients and increase referrals from other professionals.

Check out the LinkedIn Group that Divorce Marketing Group started: “Marketing for Divorce Professionals”. It has more than 2,200 members and is growing daily!

A Facebook Company Page

We can create a Facebook Company Page for you; you’ll keep your personal Facebook profile for your friends and family. When set up properly, you can have your name or your firm name be a part of the Facebook URL – for example, We’ll show you what to post and give you a tutorial on how to use your Company Page. If you prefer, we can even post regularly for you.


Blogging is an excellent way to demonstrate your expert knowledge, personality, what you stand for, and what you’re like to work with. If you’re willing to commit the time to write blog posts, we can add a blog to your website and give you a tutorial on how and what to post. You can cross-promote your blog by highlighting your blog posts in your newsletter, on LinkedIn, or your Facebook Company Page. If you can’t commit to writing regularly, however, we do not recommend that you have a blog. A word of warning: do not purchase the service of having supplied blog posts posted automatically on “your” blog! This service has been sold to hundreds – if not thousands – of other law firms. This type of mass-produced blog is unlikely to offer anything of substance and says nothing about your firm and your skills. Having this type of blog post on your website is more likely to hurt than enhance your firm’s reputation. Read our blog on this topic here.

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