Videos: the Next Best Thing to an In-Person Meeting

Imagine reaching people who are desperately seeking information about divorce with your enlightening videos precisely at the time they need your services the most. Professionally produced videos will enhance your image and help convert prospects into clients; an interesting, informative video is also a great viral marketing tool. A video is a great way to add a face to a name and it gives your visitor a sense of what you would be like to work with.

We produce HD-quality videos remotely and in person.

A video program for our clients can include:

A firm introduction video

An FAQ video

An attorney profile

An interview with Family Lawyer Magazine

Contact us if you want custom videos produced and marketed for your practice.

An Innovative Divorce Video Marketing Program Made Easy for you

We help our clients write, edit, and script their videos, and we promote those videos online. Our Divorce Video Marketing Program helps family lawyers and divorce professionals capitalize on the soaring popularity of viewing videos online. Through a series of professionally produced videos that feature you answering frequently asked questions (FAQs) about divorce and your practice, you’ll demonstrate your expertise to potential clients in a powerful way.

We’ll make everything easy for you. As part of this program, we’ll propose a script for your firm introduction video, suggest some FAQs for you to answer that will showcase your knowledge and experience.

See more samples of our videos here.

We Will Also Promote Your Videos to Your Potential Clients — 5 Million Visits/Year

Our program includes adding your videos to,, and where appropriate. Together, these websites of ours receive 5,000,000+ visits a year. Your videos will stay there indefinitely. No video production company can offer you this!

Our Clients Rave about our Program

Many divorce lawyers, mediators, financial planners, and therapists have used our Divorce Video Marketing Program and are enjoying the benefits.

“It was especially helpful that your company, Divorce Marketing Group, understands divorce, family law, and family law attorneys. You were very helpful in your suggestions about the topics
for the videos. You were also great to understand our schedules and work so efficiently in the actual taping of the videos.

“From beginning to end. Divorce Marketing Group, took care of us. DMG planned the video shots, suggested relevant topics, helped with location choices in our office and even advised how to dress. We really appreciated the interactive work on the text for the introduction to our Firm and the FAQs by editing our copy and making it more understandable to the public.

“We have received many compliments on the videos and have been told how much they enhance our website. If we engage in further “acting” jobs, you will be the first people we call.”

– Little Gilman-Tepper & Bately. Read the entire letter from this client here.

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