Create 10 Pages of Great Content for Your Website in Just Half an Hour

divorce magazine podcastsFresh, unique, and highly relevant content added to your website on a regular basis is a very effective form of search engine optimization. It tells search engines like Google that your website is worth visiting. This content can either be used as blog posts or articles on your website.

If ranking high on Google search results is one of your goals, we highly recommend you do podcasts. In just half an hour, you can create 5 to 10 pieces of content (in both written form AND audio form) that is uniquely yours, demonstrates your expertise, and attracts the right kind of prospective clients.

A podcast is essentially a recorded interview. We will ask you different questions or discuss different topics which will allow you to demonstrate your expertise through your answers. In a half-hour podcast, you may have answered 5 to 10 questions. This means you now have 5 to 10 podcasts/FAQs of about Podbean 10,000 downloads badge3 to 5 minutes each. When you transcribe a half-hour podcast, you will likely have around 5,000 words in the form of 5 to 10 blog posts and/or FAQs, which you can also add to your website. That’s fresh content spoken/written by you which is extremely relevant to your prospective clients and jurisdiction. When you add that content to your website one at a time over a period of weeks, search engines will know to value your site more.

Furthermore, once the podcasts are done they can be promoted on iTunes, YouTube, your own website,, and That gives your podcasts and content further exposure.

This sure beats the option of purchasing mass-produced blog posts offered by law firm marketing companies, which are bad for your practice in at least 7 ways that we can think of.

Enhance Your Expert Reputation among Divorcing People: A Podcast with the Publisher or Editor of Divorce Magazine

TeleSeminars and podcasts can be used effectively to promote you as the subject-matter expert to divorcing people and to professionals who can refer business to you, especially when the podcasts take the format of you being interviewed by the media.

Our Publisher or Editor of Divorce Magazine can conduct an interview with you which will allow you to showcase your expertise. The interview can be in the format of FAQs on the topics you want to be known for – be it about child support, custody, business valuation, or complex divorce. As indicated above, these interviews can be 30 minutes long and can be turned into one continuous half hour podcast and/or 5 to 10 short podasts.

Here are two examples:

  • A Top Family Lawyer on Pennsylvania Divorce and Child Custody

  • Two Family Lawyers on New York Child Custody

Enhance Your Expert Reputation among Divorcing People: A Podcast with the Publisher or Editor of Family Lawyer Magazine

Our Publisher or Editor of Family Lawyer Magazine can do an interview with you that offers you a chance to showcase your years of experience, and your contributions to the divorce community and your colleagues.

Here are just two examples:

  • An Interview with John Harding: There Is an App for That

  • An Interview with Bernie Rinella: On Making a Difference