seo Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very complex issue, and there is not just one “magic” action to take to reach your desired goal: to achieve the highest rankings possible and to be listed multiple times on the search-results pages for your type of company. Also, it is crucial that you do not over-optimize your website purely for the sake of search engines: in recent years, Google has penalized websites that have done exactly that. An example of over-optimization is called “keyword stuffing”. Take a look at your website (especially in the heading and subheadings), and if it reads something like this: “Los Angeles divorce lawyer California family divorce lawyer”, then your website is over-optimized. This practice makes your website virtually unreadable; visitors will leave your site in search of one they can read and understand – and it could hurt your website’s ranking and traffic.

On-Site Optimization

It’s important to know what the keywords for your business are and to make sure you include them strategically on your website. We’ll do the research to determine which are the most searched keywords – and of those, which ones are most likely to help your ideal client find your business – and apply those targeted keywords to your website without compromising your visitors’ experience.

We will also take care of improving your site behind the scenes by optimizing your metatags, images, and the load-time of your web pages.

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