senior family lawyer and 2 junior lawyersDivorce Marketing Group is the only marketing firm that’s 100% dedicated to helping family lawyers, divorce financial professionals, other divorce professionals, and their service providers grow their business. We do not offer our marketing expertise to clients that are not in the divorce arena.

Since 1995, we’ve worked with a wide range of professionals in North America – from large firms to sole practitioners. We have worked with family lawyers, divorce mediators, accountants, divorce financial analysts, business evaluators, therapists, QDRO specialists, and many companies that offer services to them and their clients. You can see our list of clients here.

Our clients respect our guidance, strategic thinking, and execution, and many consider us to be their “in-house” marketing department. Most of our customers are extremely busy with their divorce work; they have neither the time nor the expertise to successfully market their companies. They trust us to create and implement a custom marketing program based on their objectives and budget, allowing them to focus on the work they love. See how some AAML members rave about us in videos and other client testimonials on Divorce Marketing Group here.

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Years of Exclusively Marketing Family Lawyers and Divorce Professionals