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family law marketing teamWe have worked with family law firms and divorce financial professionals for 27 years, helping them to brand and promote their firms before they even knew what branding was. Some family lawyers have been our clients for more than 20 years. When you trust your marketing with us, you can focus on your practice and your clients.

Divorce Marketing Group’s team has a collective 100+ years in the family law marketing industry and a collective 200+ years in marketing and branding. We know and understand the divorce and family law industry, and we are committed to getting results for our clients using our “On strategy, on target, on time, and on budget” philosophy. See how some AAML Fellows rave about us and check out our other clients’ testimonials here.

Over 200 Years of Combined Marketing Experience

Dan Couvrette, CEO, Divorce Marketing GroupDan Couvrette, the CEO of Divorce Marketing Group, is a marketing, branding, publishing, and internet expert with over 40 years experience – 26 of those years helping family lawyers and other divorce industry professionals, services, businesses, and organizations serving the divorce market achieve their goals. Dan has co-founded and published a variety of magazines over the course of his career: he co-founded Ottawa Magazine in 1979, was the associate publisher and a partner in Wedding Bells Magazine from 1980 to 1984, co-founded Divorce Magazine in 1995, and founded Family Lawyer Magazine in 2012. He has represented DMG at industry conferences and events across North America and has been asked to give marketing seminars for the AICPA/AAML, among others. As the co-founder and Publisher of both Family Lawyer Magazine and Divorce Magazine, there is no one who understands the needs of family lawyers – and their prospective clients – better than Dan.

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Martha Chan, VP Marketing, Divorce Marketing GroupMartha Chan (MBA) for Divorce Marketing Group’s websites and publications for 15+ years, and she manages our family law marketing team. She has been a professional marketer, speaker, and educator for 40 years, and has given marketing presentations at conferences attended by family lawyers and divorce financial analysts from the U.S., Canada, and internationally. Prior to joining DMG full-time, she owned her own marketing agency working mainly for banks and Fortune 500 companies, including American Express, Home Shopping Channel, Carlson Marketing Group/Amia, and Esso/Exxon. Martha spent five years as the Director of Card Marketing and Strategic Planning and Development at American Express. She was in charge of marketing the Gold, Green, Company, and Corporate American Express Cards – which demanded the ability to successfully brand and differentiate each of these products. She also developed many new products for Amex and other Fortune 500 Companies that required branding from scratch.

Watch a short video to learn more about Martha Chan here.

Diana ShepherdDiana Shepherd (CDFA®) is a marketing, branding, internet, copywriting, editing, and publishing expert with over 30 years’ experience. As the co-founder of Divorce Magazine and Divorce Marketing Group’s Editorial Director, she oversees all content development relating to the company’s websites and print publications, and heads up the Content side of our family law marketing team. She has written hundreds of articles geared towards both family law professionals and divorcing people, and she has both performed and taught on-page SEO for 20+ years. Diana spent eight years as the Marketing Director for the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA), and she has been a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® since 2006. While at IDFA, she wrote, designed, and published The IDFA Marketing Guide, and she also created seminars for CDFA professionals to present to family lawyers (approved for CLE), as well as to separated and divorcing individuals. She has represented both DMG and IDFA at industry conferences and events across North America, and she has given marketing as well as divorce financial seminars at many of those conferences.

Watch a short video to learn more about Diana Shepherd here.

Atif NadeemAtif Nadeem is the Digital Marketing Director at Divorce Marketing Group. He oversees all digital marketing operations, including technical SEO, PPC, digital advertising, and website architecture and coding. A digital marketing expert with over 18 years of experience, Atif is an Internet, technology, and SEO Geek who has an in-depth understanding of what the Internet means now and will mean in the future to the business of family law. Divorce Marketing Group has a history of being technology leaders, not followers, and Atif implements digital media strategies today while keeping an eye on trends that could be critical for our clients tomorrow. Because he oversees our four digital properties – which collectively have 3.5 million visits a year – he is in a unique position to test new tactics and strategies before offering the winners to our clients. This allows him to better manage our clients’ websites, SEO, Google rankings, and PPC advertising campaigns. As a Google Certified PPC Specialist and a former lawyer, he brings a unique set of skills and knowledge to his work.

Gina TanGina Tan-Bonaparte is Divorce Marketing Group’s Art Director in charge of website and magazine design, advertising and logo design, and online coding. An advertising Guru, Gina has been at Divorce Marketing Group for 20 years. She has been designing since 1985. Prior to joining the design team at Divorce Marketing Group, she owned her own design firm and worked with clients designing print magazine layouts and graphics; her clients included the Toronto Chocolate Festival, Shareowner Magazine, and Grand Marnier. For the past 15 years, Gina has been responsible for overseeing the visual side of all online and print branding plus advertising and collateral materials for Divorce Marketing Group’s clients – including the Oklahoma AAML, the National Family Law Trial Institute, and many, many other family law firms. She is also in charge of the design for our own properties: Divorce Magazine, Family Lawyer Magazine,, ten Divorce Guides, our monthly e-Newsletters, and our corporate entity: Divorce Marketing Group.

Cathy MeyerCathy Meyer is a Social Media and Content Director at Divorce Marketing Group and the Managing Editor of, one of Divorce Marketing Groups’ online publications targeting women in the aftermath of divorce. Before joining Divorce Marketing Group 5+ years ago, she spent 11 years as a content curator, editor, and social media marketing expert for The New York Times. She is certified by The New York Times in both Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. Cathy has curated, developed, edited, written, and produced valuable content and resources for divorcing people, family lawyers, associates, and divorce-related products and services for 15 years, and she plays a crucial role in the social media side of our family law marketing team. Over the last three years, Cathy has taken the Facebook page from 5,000 followers to over 31,000 followers. Many of Cathy’s articles, podcasts, and videos have received thousands of views: for example, this video, in which she discusses the changes women need to make to lessen the stress of dealing with a narcissistic ex, has been viewed by over 27,000 people.

Natalie Bogdanski is the Content Editor for our flagship website, She is responsible for creating original content and editing articles submitted to the website; she also manages the award-winning Divorce Magazine Blog, which has been ranked as the #1 Divorce Blog on the Internet every year since 2016. Natalie has seven years’ experience as a writer and two years performing SEO and creating Social Media posts for DMG and its clients. She coordinates and manages the social media presence for both Divorce Magazine and Family Lawyer Magazine. She is a specialist in online web content production and has over five years of professional experience creating, writing, and editing across a wide variety of print and electronic platforms, including social media content, blogs, eBooks, newsletters, email marketing, brochures, marketing content, internal and external communications, proposals, website landing pages, press releases, and more. With experience in social media content development, SEO, and planning and executing digital content strategies, Natalie creates content that produces results.

Catherine KuayCatherine Kuay is Divorce Marketing Group’s Office Manager. She makes sure that the office runs smoothly, and she plays a role in almost every department of the company. She ensures that every staff member has the right equipment, software, and tools to do their job happily and efficiently. She organizes and manages the company’s databases with help from two full-time assistants, making certain that information is correct and up-to-date at all times. She is responsible for invoices, and accounts receivable and payable. She supports the Sales Department in preparing contracts, and she works with Client Services and Editorial departments to deliver some services clients have purchased. Catherine keeps our team spirits up by making sure all festivities and birthdays are celebrated with joy, and she writes a new quote on our Inspiration Board every day. Prior to joining Divorce Marketing Group, she was a Systems Analyst with a large financial institution, as well as having worked as an Administrative Manager-cum-Accountant for a non-profit organization. The knowledge, experience, and skills she brought with her – combined with her eagerness to learn – have made Catherine a crucial member of the Divorce Marketing Group team.