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Download DMG Marketing GuideIn this edition, you will find easy-to-understand and practical marketing information that will help you attract quality clients, generate referrals, convert prospects into clients, and stand out from your peers. Download your copy now.

Here are a few of the topics covered in this Marketing Guide for Family Lawyers:

  • Family Law Firm Marketing in 2032
  • Marketing Planning for Success
  • Generating Clients Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Poor Online Ratings and Fake Reviews
  • Does Your Website Get You Clients?
  • Why Bother with Branding?
  • Personal Branding for Lawyers
  • Video Marketing Your Family Law Firm
  • Technical SEO & New Google Ranking Factors

About This Marketing Guide

Since we started Divorce Marketing Group, marketing for family lawyers has grown exponentially. In 1995, most family law firms did not have a budget for marketing; today, our clients are spending 5% to 12% of their revenue on marketing.

This third edition of our popular Marketing Guide for Family Lawyers is a reflection of the growing interest in marketing among attorneys.

We created this Guide to help you stand out from your peers, generate regular referrals, attract quality prospects, and convert those prospects into clients. We offer tips and strategies to help improve your marketing results, get you on track, or get you started if marketing is on your firm’s agenda for the first time.

Top family law firms have trusted us to handle all their marketing needs. As the only marketing agency 100% dedicated to promoting family lawyers and other professionals serving the divorce market for more than 27 years, we are eminently qualified to offer this advice.

In the “Divorce Marketing Group Insights” sections of the articles, we share the best and most practical ways to implement our suggestions based on our collective experiences from having worked with family law clients across the country.

We hope you benefit from the expert advice you find in this Marketing Guide. Please contact us to explore how we may help you grow your practice.