A Divorce eNewsletter with useful information is a great tool that:

  1. provides support to your current clients;
  2. helps keep you top of mind with other professionals who may refer business to you.

Every month, Divorce Marketing Group produces a Divorce eNewsletter which contains 5 useful articles for those going through a divorce. These are quality articles drawn from the Divorce Magazine we publish. The 5 articles cover a range of topics including legal, financial, emotional, and financial issues that address the immediate needs of your clients.

Most of our clients are far too busy to be writing and producing an eNewsletter on a regular basis. Even if they did, their newsletter would likely only cover their area of expertise and not be able to address the multiple aspects of their clients’ needs.

We Have Made It Simple for You to Send out a Monthly Divorce eNewsletter

When you lease our Divorce eNewsletter, you won’t have to spend time on preparing one. Every month, we will send you the 5 articles in a newsletter format. You can simply forward it to your list of contacts, or you can send it out using an eNewsletter template that we will design for you. This eNewsletter template will keep to your branding with your firm name/logo, and will echo the design of your website.

We Will Even Add Some Firm News and Send the Newsletter out for You

Some of our clients want to focus on their practice and prefer that we manage the whole process for them. We will add news about the firm and send it out for you using the eNewsletter template we design for you.

Add Our eNewsletter on Your Website

You can also add the eNewsletter on your website to enrich your site’s content. Having a website that is full of resources helps generate traffic and referrals. We also provide the service of adding the eNewsletter to your website every month so you do not have to remember to do it.

Contact us at 866.803.6667 x 138 and find out more.

Custom eNewsletter with your firm’s news

custom divorce enewsletter for family lawyers and divorce professionals

Add our eNewsletter on your website

standard divorce enewsletter for family lawyers and divorce professionals