Family lawyers can stand out from their peers and set apart from the family law firms marketing competition by exceeding their clients’ expectations besides creating great client experiences.

Family lawyers can stand out from their peers and set apart from the competition by following these steps:

  1. Exceeding your clients’ expectations
    • Create great client experiences – go above and beyond to ensure your client has only positive experiences with you and your staff
    • Become a helpful resource to your clients
    • Pay attention to your clients’ total needs, not just the outcome
  2. Distinguishing yourself as an expert in the field
    • Write articles and FAQs to establish yourself as an expert and “thought leader” in your field
    • Find/create speaking opportunities
    • Be quoted in local and national media

stand out from your peers

Divorce Marketing Group can help you achieve these goals with custom products and services – from Divorce Guides and eNewsletters to online video and podcasts. As our client, you’ll have the opportunity stand out from your peers by getting FAQs published and be quoted in relevant articles in the magazine and online on our family of websites, including,, and can also help you brand your firm in a bid to make you stand out from your peers with a clear positioning statement detailing: who your clients are, what you do, how your practice is unique, and why divorcing people should choose you over your competition.

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