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  • Don’t just foucs on the legal issues. Pay attention to the client’s practical and immediate “life” concerns that brought them to your office to begin with.
  • Context Marketing requires that lawyers focus on their clients’ experiences first and foremost.
  • Customer-centric service starts with perceiving what clients expect from their lawyer and his/her firm.
  • Only those lawyers who become masterful at understanding client expectations are in a position to exceed them.


Context Marketing requires that we focus on clients’ experiences first and foremost. The range of their concerns is illustrated in Figure 3.3.

law firm marketingThe outside circle represents the functional aspects of the legal matter for which the client has sought counsel. Within this ring we find such tasks as drafting and preparing documents, rendering legal advice and appearing in court.

For example, if the reason the client is seeking counsel is a divorce, most lawyers will see their scope of responsibility as falling within the limited confines of the outer ring—the legal task presented—to the exclusion of most other client concerns. However, by limiting the scope in this way, lawyers limit their opportunities to provide a higher level of service.

The client may need to relocate and find new housing quickly. Sufficient storage might be an issue. A counselor or psychologist may be needed. For many clients, legal issues represent the onset of a profound change in their lives and often come with emotional upheaval. Rarely, however, will lawyers offer insight, encouragement or guidance into what they consider the practical and mundane concerns that are secondary to the legal issue at hand. They ignore the client’s life context, and in doing so, they lose a valuable opportunity to serve their client at a deeper, more personal level.

If we are to define what excellent service means, a good starting point is to examine how our clients perceive the firm and its services — specifically, what it is your clients expect from you and your firm. This is the first step in becoming client-centric.

The objective and subjective sides to service are meaningless unless we understand the underlying context in which they operate. This means first knowing the full dimension of the life events and circumstances that gave rise to the client’s specific needs and wants. And second, it requires understanding the emotional implications associated with the client’s changed circumstances. This is being client-centric at its best.

It is when you become masterful at understanding your law clients’ expectations that you are able to go beyond them — to perform the unexpected! When you do this, clients will not only remain loyal, but also make sure that every piece of their legal work goes your way — and they will spend more time talking up your firm than most of your partners do! Combine this with intelligent promotion strategies, and your firm has the power to be -unstoppable.


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