Marketing Resources

Whether you have a website for your family law practice or you’re thinking about getting one, the following checklist will be helpful. Use it to determine whether it’s time to revamp your website or judge who you should hire as your website design firm.

1. Does your site portray the right image?
2. Does it attract the type of clients you want?
3. Does it differentiate you from other family law firms?
4. Does it focus on the needs of prospective clients, or is it all about you?
5. Does your site have family law content that would interest your visitors?
6. Is the design visitor friendly?
7. Is the text visitor friendly?
8. Does your site feature the right “keywords”?
9. Is your site search engine friendly?
10. Are you getting what you pay for?


This article was written by Dan Couvrette, CEO of Divorce Marketing Group, Divorce Magazine, and Dan Couvrette and his company specialize in marketing divorce professionals and helping them grow their practices. Divorce Marketing Group offers a wide range of marketing services, including website design, hosting and promotion, video production and promotion, print advertising, advertising on multiple divorce websites, electronic promotions, and providing content to divorce professionals with websites.

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