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Webinar: 4 Ways to
Streamline Your Intake Process Immediately

Wed., March 24 @ 1 pm EDT

Webinar: 4 Ways to Streamline Your Intake Process Immediately

Is Your Intake Process a Constant Battle?
An effective intake process is critical for law firms to convert quality prospective clients into clients. Yet, most family lawyers say their intake process is a constant pain point at their firm.

Small law firms are unlikely to have a dedicated intake professional. Family lawyers default to using their assistants or paralegals – or they take valuable time away from practicing law to handle leads. Attend this webinar to learn the 4 ways to streamline your intake process immediately.

Turn Unbillable Intake Hours into Profit
The intake process can be really time-consuming – and most or all of it is unbillable. In this webinar, we’ll dig into every aspect of the client intake process. We’ll:

  • discuss the biggest challenges you face with intake
  • the technologies and integrations that can help
  • how the savviest firms solve common intake problems.

4 Ways to Streamline Your Intake Process and Secure More Clients

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • 4 ways to streamline your existing intake process
  • How to improve your client intake immediately
  • The biggest challenges firms face as they attempt to obtain new, quality leads
  • The role good reviews play in securing new leads and clients.

Learn how to make the intake process:

  • Straightforward for the potential client
  • Efficient for you and/or your staff
  • Professional enough to collect all necessary information in a respectful, efficient manner
  • Personal enough to show the prospective client that you care.

There will be a LIVE Q&A, so bring your questions with you!

Date: Wednesday, March 24th at 1 PM EDT
Cost: $0

Diana Shepherd, Editorial Director, Divorce Marketing Group

Diana Shepherd (CDFA®), Content Director of DivorceMag.com, Family Lawyer Magazine,  & Divorce Marketing Group.

Kenect, Mckay Allen

McKay Allen, VP & Head of Marketing, Kenect