Divorce Magazine’s bloggers  – consisting of family lawyers, therapists, and financial professionals, as well as divorced individuals – offer Father’s Day tips and advice to separated and divorced fathers and mothers.

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Father’s Day tips for divorced parentsFather’s Day can be a difficult holiday for single parents – especially when it’s the first time that their children will be celebrating without their parents together.

Whether it’s a divorced father hoping to make this day special for his kids or a father who will be spending the day alone – perhaps still fighting for custody or visitation rights – Divorce Magazine’s expert bloggers will help readers understand what steps need to be taken to ensure the best day possible. Single mothers will also find useful advice on how to handle this day.

For fathers who are looking to dedicate the day to their kids, but aren’t sure how to prepare or what to expect, “4 Tips for Celebrating Father’s Day Post-Divorce” by Deanna Conklin-Danao – a clinical psychologist and collaborative divorce coach and child specialist – offers tips on how to make sure the day is enjoyable for the father and the children.

“Father’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate your role as a dad and enjoy your relationship with your children,” says Conklin-Danao. “This relationship endures even after a divorce, and Father’s Day is a chance to remind your kids (and yourself) that you will always love each other. Come to think of it, that shouldn’t be limited to just one day a year!”

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