For Immediate Release – The Spring 2017 issue of Family Lawyer Magazine offers a special bonus: a 16-page pull-out Marketing Guide for Family Lawyers! 

Family lawyers need to think like successful business owners to build/maintain thriving law firms.

Today, many lawyers find themselves spending more time managing staff, dealing with new technology, trying to attract new clients, or billing existing clients than actually practicing law. Especially for small firms and solo practitioners, a lawyer needs to be able to think like a successful business owner to build or maintain a thriving law firm. The Family Lawyer Magazine Spring 2017 issue has a special focus on practice management, client relations, and marketing – all of which are absolutely vital to a prosperous practice. How can lawyers reduce time spent on daily tasks, errors in files, and risk to their firm? What can lawyers delegate, outsource, or automate – without negatively impacting their clients’ experience with their firm?

Articles in the Spring 2017 issue

Divorce-industry professionals will find answers to some of their pressing questions, including:

  • 6 Ways to Improve Client Relations” – To be successful, a law firm must have lawyers who know and understand all aspects of the law. Equally important is that firm’s policies regarding client relations: lawyers who know all there is to know about family law but can’t maintain a solid client base could cause their firm to fail. This article offers strategies to help maintain office productivity, improve client relations, and increase a firm’s success.
  • 5 Practical Tips for a Paperless Family Law Office”– Twenty-first-century clients expect their lawyers to have all the information about their case with them at all times, wherever they are. Unless a lawyer wants to lug around boxes of manila folders, the only way to achieve this is to go paperless. Going paperless can actually make a firm more organized and enable them to serve their clients better– while saving time and money.
  • What Drives a Client’s Financial Attitudes and Goals?” – Trying to discern client priorities in the financial area of divorce is never an easy task. The question, “What do you want?” is often met by a confused or blank stare, a rambling vent, or an aggressive answer that has undertones of anger and/or resentment. If a lawyer hopes to get an informed answer, they need to identify their client’s core beliefs and competencies about finances.
  • Women of Influence. Gender equality has been in the news in the last few months: the 2016 “Global Gender Gap Report” by the World Economic Forum revealed that it would take another 170 years to reach economic gender equity, and Google “Did Hillary Clinton lose because she’s a woman?” and you’ll get 36,800,000 results. The reinvigoration of the women’s movement inspired Family Lawyer Magazine to ask four successful female family lawyers what it has taken for them to rise to the top, and what role – if any – gender plays in their practices.

Other articles in this issue include:

  • To Appeal or not to Appeal: That is the Question
  • Making a Mess a Bigger Mess
  • Good Work Alone Won’t Grow Your Business
  • Crafting an Attorney-Client Agreement
  • Email Hacking on the Rise
  • Apps to Propel Your 2017 Efficiency
  • The Pitfalls of “Managing” Discovery
  • Social Security and Divorce
  • Best Practices for Using a Valuation Expert
  • The Benefits of Positive Procrastination

The Family Lawyer Magazine Spring 2017 issue offers a special bonus: a 16-page pull-out Marketing Guide for Family Lawyers! Articles include “Poor Online Ratings and Fake Reviews,” “Does Your Website Get You Clients?” “Your Law Firm’s Video Plan,” “Marketing from a Lawyer’s Perspective,” and “Marketing: Planning for Success.”

The magazine also includes a directory for those who are seeking experts, services, and products for help with family law cases and practice management. To advertise in future issues of Family Lawyer Magazine, please contact Dan Couvrette at 866.803.6667 x 124 or via email at

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