The special winter 2014 issue of Family Lawyer Magazine has just been released. With over 67 pages of articles and a resource directory, this issue focuses on challenging the thinking of family lawyers as they try to keep up with the changes they face.

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Family Lawyer Magazine
Special Edition Winter

(PRWEB) December 30, 2013

A special winter 2014 issue of Family Lawyer Magazine print edition is being distributed to family law attorneys now, and a PDF version is also available for free download. This special winter 2014 issue of Family Lawyer Magazine has a focus on helping family lawyers across the U.S. excel in their practice and keep up with the competition. Over 9,000 copies of the 48-page print edition are being mailed to fellows of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers across the U.S., and will be made available at family lawyer conferences. The even longer 67-page PDF version is being distributed to over 27,000 divorce professionals, and it is available for free download on

Offering a dynamic range of relevant, topical and expert crafted content, the current roster of contributors include renowned family lawyers, private investigators, practice advisors, marketing specialists, valuators, accountants, QDRO experts and other top professionals from across the country.

“Having travelled extensively this year and met with many family lawyers across the U.S., I kept encountering a familiar and consistent theme: that of keeping up. Many of the family lawyers I had the pleasure of visiting were running to keep up with the changing court system, with technology, with their clients’ demands, and running to keep up with their competition – who are promoting and marketing their practices more aggressively than ever,” says Family Lawyer Magazine Publisher, Dan Couvrette. “In short, these meetings served as the nucleus for the theme of this issue of Family Lawyer Magazine.”

Some of the articles featured in this special winter 2014 issue of Family Lawyer Magazine are:

Client Relations:
When High-Profile Clients Come Knocking
Managing Your Firm:
Gain Control of Your Firm’s Finances with a Financial Dashboard
Practice Management:
A Mercedes-Benz Family Law Division?
When “Friends” Complicate Trials
How to Succeed with Your Financial Expert in Court
Continuing Education:
Becoming a Better Negotiator
The Future of Law: Focus on Mobility
Pensions and QDROs:
3 Common Pitfalls in the Formulation of QDROs
Financial Planning:
Client’s Irrational Choices and Their Cognitive Processes in Financial Decisions
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