Divorce Magazine has been a valuable resource for people making their way through divorce for almost two decades. For the first time ever, they are now offering all divorce professionals an opportunity to add Divorce Magazine to their own websites for download at no cost.

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Divorce Magazine
Winter/Spring 2013

(PRWEB) April 30, 2013

Divorce Magazine has created this opportunity for all divorce professionals to partner with an established publication without any cost and offer easy downloads of a magazine that offers helpful articles on legal, financial, emotional, and children-related issues of divorce.

Making Divorce Magazine Much More Available to Those Going Through a Divorce

“Each year, about a million people visit DivorceMagazine.com to read our articles. We want to increase our reach and help more divorcing people to prepare and move on after their divorce,” says Dan Couvrette, publisher of Divorce Magazine. “Initially this offer was made only to family lawyers, but as interest grew, we decided to include all professionals who are servicing people going through divorce. We know that through this newly created partnership, more people will be able to benefit from Divorce Magazine. They will also appreciate those divorce professionals who offer them such access to quality articles.”

Divorce Magazine’s Winter/Spring 2013 issue has a range of topical and timely articles, tips and resources for divorcing individuals at all stages of the process, including:

  • Befriending your ex
  • How to cope with an emotional divorce
  • Information on pensions and QDROs
  • Tax tips and traps related to your divorce finance
  • A list of local divorce professionals, including family lawyers, therapists, mediators, financial advisors, and more.

Just ask for it

Professionals who are interested in adding Divorce Magazine to their website can just ask for it by visiting this page: http://www.familylawyermagazine.com/add-the-digital-divorce-magazine.

About Divorce Magazine

Launched in 1995, Divorce Magazine is North America’s only magazine devoted entirely to divorce. The magazine is published twice a year with multiple regional editions, and is full of helpful articles as well as guides to local divorce professionals.

The website DivorceMagazine.com has been a leading divorce-related source since 1995. The company also operates http://www.MarriageAndSeparation.com, a social network for married, divorced and recently single people, http://www.BlogsOnDivorce.com which features expert bloggers from leading divorce professionals, and FamilyLawyerMagazine.com which is dedicated to helping family lawyers excel in their practice and live a balanced life.

For more information, contact publisher and CEO of Divorce Magazine, Dan Couvrette, 1 866 803 6667 ext. 124, or by email: DanC@divorcemag.com