For the past 20 years, Divorce Marketing Group – the only marketing agency 100% dedicated to helping family lawyers, other divorce professionals, and service providers grow their practices – has been inspiring positive changes in the divorce community.

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Toronto, ON — In March 2016, Divorce Marketing Group celebrates 20 years of helping family lawyers and divorce professionals – including mediators, business valuators, forensic accountants, CPAs, CDFAs, QDRO specialists, therapists, software developers, and CLE providers – grow their practices and gain new clients. Today, we offer two magazines, eight websites, 11 divorce and marketing guides, and the marketing expertise to help clients effectively stand out and reach divorcing people. After two decades in this niche, DMG understands the divorce market better than any other agency.

Divorce Marketing Group Celebrates 20 Years

CEO Dan Couvrette and Marketing VP Martha Chan

“We coined the term ‘Divorce Professionals’ to identify a market of professionals and service providers – who offer invaluable products and services to those going through divorce – that was underserved by the marketing industry,” explained Martha Chan, DMG’s Marketing VP. “Our mission has always been to inspire new possibilities for people going through divorce as well as the divorce professionals who serve them. We serve both groups by helping our clients be seen as experts among those in the divorce community.”

100% Dedicated to Marketing Divorce Professionals & Service Providers

To this day, we are the only marketing agency dedicated to assisting divorce professionals successfully reach their marketing goals. We have established a reputation for excellence ind divorce marketing among some of the top family lawyers in North America – many of whom have kept us as their go-to marketing team for over a decade. DMG helps clients reach their target market 100% of the time.

Attract Over 3,000,000 Prospects to Our Clients

In 1995, we launched Divorce Magazine and Today, we attract more than 3,000,000 visitors a year to our eight websites; these visitors come to find helpful information and advice as well as professionals who can help them resolve their divorce issues. For 20 years, we have been instrumental in changing how the public views divorce: from “The Divorce from Hell” to “The Good Divorce”. From the beginning, we encouraged our clients to offer advice and support to visitors in the form of written articles and FAQs. Today, we help our clients take advantage of new technology and marketing tools to grow their client base – from building smartphone-friendly websites to creating video FAQs/blogs and podcasts.

Leading the Way Again with the Launch of The Divorce School

DMG continues to find new and innovative ways to meet the needs of our clients, readers, and visitors. This year, we are leading the way once more by introducing The Divorce School: the world’s first online learning center where divorce professionals and divorcees share their expertise and experience, in videos and podcasts, to help people make better choices before, during, and after divorce. The Divorce School offers clients the opportunity to be featured as an authority in their fields while divorcing people get free, practical, and transformative advice. The podcasts and videos will be available for free download during the months of April and May.

“Having serviced the divorce community for 20 years, DMG is in the perfect position to assemble an extraordinary faculty of divorce professionals and divorcees to help educate and inspire other people,” said Martha Chan, VP of Divorce Marketing Group..

Focus on Your Practice – Trust the Marketing to Us

Divorce Marketing Group will continue to build on our past successes – leading the way with innovative marketing techniques so our clients can focus on their practice and leave the marketing to us.

“There certainly is less stigma about divorce now than there was 20 years ago, but that doesn’t lessen the trauma people continue to experience as they make the decision to divorce and go through the process,” Dan Couvrette, CEO of DMG, explained. “Those who are in the position of having to go through a divorce are in need of advice and assistance from experienced divorce professionals, and many of these individuals find what they’re looking for on DMG’s numerous websites and publications.”

That’s where YOU, the divorce expert, come in. We invite you to join our many satisfied clients and become a provider of valuable and reliable information through websites, social media platforms, divorce guides, magazines, videos, and podcasts.

“The Internet provides a tremendous amount of information,” said Couvrette. “It offers savvy marketers unparalleled opportunities to promote their practices – but those who don’t understand how to harness its power risk getting left behind. We ensure that doesn’t happen our clients.”

DMG Timeline:

2016: Launches The Divorce School, the world’s first online school offering guidance to individuals before, during, and after their divorce.

2015: Acquires, the leading website for single mothers.

2013: Creates first client mobile website.

2012: Debuts and Family Lawyer Magazine, which provide family lawyers advice on how to achieve professional and personal excellence.

2010: Publishes the first Essential Marketing Guide for Family Lawyers, an annual marketing reference for family lawyers who want to boost their practice.

2010: Produces the inaugural TeleSeminar series, giving family lawyers and divorce professionals the opportunity to educate and empower divorcing people.

2013: Records and uploads the first podcast with a DMG client.

2007: Produces videos of family lawyers offering advice to divorcing people; promotes videos on and the clients’ websites.

2009: Creates our first Facebook and Twitter pages.

1997: Offers web design services to clients.

1995: Releases Divorce Magazine and, the first and only publication and website focused exclusively on offering guidance to individuals going through the divorce process.

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