Diana Shepherd, Editorial & Content Director, Divorce Marketing Group

In this video, Diana Shepherd (CDFA®) discusses her career as an award-winning editor and writer – including the 24 years she has spent in the family law publishing and marketing industries. As the co-founder of Divorce Magazine, she has written hundreds, edited, and curated thousands of articles geared towards both family law professionals and divorcing people.

Video Transcript:

I’m Diana Shepherd, the Content Director of Divorce Marketing Group.

I grew up surrounded by academics. My father was a Classics professor, my mother taught English Literature, and my godmothers were editors, so my love affair with words started early. From being the editor of my high school yearbook to university newspaper and throughout my professional career, I’ve spent my life writing and editing.

Dan Couvrette and I launched Divorce Magazine in 1996. I helped grow the business for the next 10 years before altering course slightly to become the Marketing Director for the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts, returning to DMG in 2014.

I’ve written hundreds of articles geared towards either family law professionals or divorcing people. While at the Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts, I created The IDFA Marketing Guide as well as CLE-approved seminars for CDFAs to present to family lawyers. I’ve helped brand the IDFA and many, many family law firms – interviewing countless family lawyers to create their podcasts, videos, websites, Facebook pages and posts, LinkedIn pages and posts, and profiles and articles for both Family Lawyer Magazine and Divorce Magazine.

Today, I’m pretty sure that I’ve written and edited more content on the subject of divorce and family law than anyone else on the planet!