www.DivorcedMoms.com Acquired by Divorce Marketing Group

Divorce Marketing Group is excited to announce that we have recently purchased www.DivorcedMoms.com, the largest website/blog that is 100% devoted to single mothers and women who are considering divorce and are looking for advice from divorce professionals as well as support from other women who have been through divorce.

www.DivorcedMoms.com receives more than 2,500,000 visits a year and has almost 5,000 articles and divorce blog posts. Currently there are fourteen bloggers on this website with hundreds of writers having contributed content.

Do not purchase mass produced blog posts for law firms

There is a service being offered by a few law firm marketing companies: blog posts for law firms. With this service, blog posts written by “someone” “on behalf of” the law firm or a lawyer from the firm would be added to the law firms’ websites on a weekly basis. Because this service has been sold and purchased by hundreds, maybe thousands of family law firms, these have to be mass produced blog posts. The onus is on the law firms to check these blog posts and make sure the content is accurate, of quality, relevant and good for business. This service is mostly sold in the name of adding fresh content to their websites and for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.