Dan Couvrette: Losing Business One Client at a Time

Over the past 19 years, our CEO, Dan Couvrette, has seen many family law practice grow while some of them have not. Some family law firms have experienced challenges and have been losing business because they have not evolved with time, never mind being proactive. He thinks that they lose clients because:

1. There are more do-it-yourself divorces thanks to the availability of information on the internet.
2. Here is increased competition for business and the Internet has had a significant impact on how and why a family lawyer is found and hired.
3. Less people are divorcing. In fact, about 25% less over the past 30 years.
4. More lawyers are taking on divorce cases to offset business they have lost in other practice areas as a result of the economic downturn.

Online Reputation Management and Your AVVO Rating

While all family lawyers are concerned about their reputation, not all of them are attending to their online reputation. The unfortunate outcome of not managing your online reputation is this: you will lose business to those lawyers who have a good reputation online and offline and a good AVVO rating. In fact, you may even lose business to family lawyers who in your opinion is no match for your experience and service, but they sound and look good online.

To me, the reason is obvious: the internet has made it easy for everyone to look for and check out family lawyers online before deciding whether to consider contacting them.