Family Lawyer Magazine Fall 2017

The Family Lawyer Magazine Fall 2017 issue has been released, and the digital version is available for complimentary download at The print magazine reaches more than 30,000 family lawyers in the United States.

Family Lawyer Magazine Fall 2017: the Financial Issues of Divorce

Family Lawyer Magazine Fall-Winter 2017 IssueFinancial matters can be a challenging topic for many lawyers – especially for those who do not possess advanced degrees or designations in the financial arena. Since this is a complicated area, the magazine offers advice about opportunities to take advantage of as well as pitfalls to avoid, including:

  • Hiding Income & Assets at the IRS
  • A “90 in 90” Collection Rate
  • Next-to-Vest Coverture Formula
  • 6 Financial Advice Mistakes
  • Common QDRO Missteps
  • Life Insurance and Divorce

More “Must-Read” Articles in Family Lawyer Magazine Fall 2017

As always, the magazine also covers many other topics and articles of interest to family lawyers. In this issue, family lawyers will learn:

  • How to differentiate themselves from the competition and attract desirable new potential clients,
  • How to ensure that their initial consultations with potential clients result in being retained,
  • How to prepare those clients to make great witnesses in court, and
  • The art and science of getting clients to settle their accounts promptly.

“Stop Wasting Billable Hours!” tackles how to work smarter instead of longer by using modern case management systems – which can greatly enhance a law firm’s efficiency and profitability.

For tips on differentiating a family lawyer or law firm from their rivals, read “Personal Branding for Family Lawyers” and “Stand Out from the Competition.”

Family Lawyer Magazine also offers a “Professionals and Services Directory” for those seeking experts in the legal, financial, marketing, and practice-management fields, as well as services to help divorcing couples manage co-parenting issues during separation and divorce.

Divorce Marketing Group: 21 Years of Experience

Family Lawyer Magazine’s parent company, Divorce Marketing Group, has been working with family lawyers and other divorce-industry professionals – including forensic accountants, business valuators, and divorce financial analysts – since 1996.

The staff interacts with family lawyers every day – whether it’s an in-person meeting or a conversation via phone or email. This daily contact allows them to deepen their understanding of the challenges partners at large family law firms as well as solo practitioners face in growing their businesses. Those daily interactions provide a unique insight into what family lawyers most need to know, and that drives the content choices in the magazine and on the website,